One-on-One Education

Introduction - Getting to know your camera:

Learning to use your camera and lenses

$50/hour (1-3 hours)

In this introductory lesson, we will spend time working with your camera, regardless of what brand or type. We will work through all of the settings and controls on your camera through the process of taking photos as assignments.

You will be ready to move onto the next level of education when you are comfortable with your controls and understand how to set them for the desired photo you want to make.

Intermediate - Seeing light and the story:

Level 1: Understanding light and how to use it to your advantage

Level 2: Understanding composition and the story you want to tell

Level 3: Creating images that bring exposure, composition, and mood

$100/hour (minimum of 4 hours per level)

In this intermediate series, you will progress through the skills needed to create eye popping photography that tells a story. Whether. you are looking to put your photos on your walls, or you want to create photos or clients, these levels will give you the foundation and building blocks to make beautiful images and money off their sales.

Intermediate - Posing people:

Level 1: Posing a single person

Level 2: Posing Couples and small families

Level 3: Posing large groups

$100/hour (minimum of 2 hours per level)

In this series, you will learn hands on with models. You will pose in each level based on the complexity of the subject(s) you are posing. The approach is simple, watch me pose the subject, explain why I'm posing in such a way, practice posing repeatedly so that it becomes second nature for you.

Completion of this series, building on the prior courses, can lead to a lucrative portrait photography business.

Advanced - Lighting:

Level 1: Natural Lighting done right

Level 2: Adding one light

Level 3: Layering many lights

$150/hour (minimum 2 hours per level)

In this series, you will be introduced to using most types of lighting, lighting effects, lighting patterns and how to create professional portraiture that separates you from many others in the industry.

In these levels, lights will be provided, however, students may also bring their own lights to become comfortable with their brand and functions.