December 30, 2021

Starting the journey of sharing and educating


Everyone starts at the beginning.

For starters, I'm a photographer, not a journalist or novelist. I've had my share of experience writing articles for photography magazines and newsletters but I would never call myself a writer, as I do a photographer.

As the first post in what I hope to be a weekly venture, I hope to focus on images and not words. I'll provide the descriptions of why, how, and what. The who and when are rather insignificant, but if there is something significant then I'll share as much as possible.

Every photographer in the world got their first camera before they really knew how to use it. Everyone, even the greatest photographers, started with the challenge of learning exposure and composition. Everyone who shoots for any period of time needs to embrace his/her own journey to finding themselves and their style. No one should feel insecure about learning. Learning is a natural process in life and takes patience, openness, and curiosity.

Each week, I hope to share images and the stories behind each one. I hope to gain an audience that not only takes in the content that I share, but also provides content that they wish to share as well. As a full-time teacher, learning is a two way street. Learning is accomplished for both the teacher and the student. Sharing equally will substantially increase the quality of the photographic industry and the awareness of everyone else.

Hopefully you continue to follow this journey too see where we go together in our pursuit for creativity and light.