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Errol Jud Coder
Professional Photographer
Errol Jud Coder is the owner and a professional photographer at Wicked Eye Photography. You can see his work at www.wickedeyephotography.com.
Errol was born in Anchorage, Alaska leaving the snowy landscape at the age of one. Through out his young life, he has traveled with his family to every state in the US, gaining a knowledge of the different traditions, customs, and lifestyles along the way. He has called California, Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado during those years as his home.
From the age of 12, till he graduated from High School in Wisconsin, he began his life long journey into the world of photography. During those years he had the opportunity to work for the EarthQuest Environmental Foundation (www.earthquest.org/ ) working as a Bird of Prey handler, and years traveling and working at Renaissance Festivals. Through these ventures, he gained his ability and understanding of photographing wildlife, nature, and the many different cultures and life styles those pursuits brought him in contact and interaction worth, vital for chronicling the truth through photo-journalism.
Upon graduating High School in 1998, Errol enlisted in the United States Coast Guard to pursue his education as a Marine Science Technician. Through his time in the USCG, 1998-2001, his goals of the biological arts shifted to his pursuits in photography, becoming the Station Photographer at LORAN Station Port Clarence in Port Clarence, AK and Station San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.
Upon completing his enlistment, Errol moved to Cedar City, UT to continue his pursuits. Errol worked as a Freelance Photographer in the area until he moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2006. Continuing work as a Freelance, he eventually became the Staff Photographer at the Las Vegas Zoological Park (www.LasVegasZoo.com) in 2008 and joined the staff of the Boulder City Review/Review Journal as a Photographer in 2010.
Later in the year of 2010, he l traveled and lived for a year on the Big Island of Hawai'i, working as a Freelance Photographer.
In 2011, after returning to the mainland, he launched Wicked Eye Photography (www.wickedeyephotography.com) which conducted band, concert, tv, motion picture, and red carpet shoots in the Sacramento, CA area.
Errol later began traveling Renaissance Festivals once again between 2011 and 2013 providing photography for behind the scenes filming, performers, marketing, product, and other similar mediums until he became a Photographer and Manager for Ashley Nostalgia (ashleynostalgia.com), Costume and Photography company, traveling as he photographed/managed at their costume photography studios at Amusement Parks and Renaissance Festivals.
In 2015 Errol returned to Cedar City, Utah working as a photographer for the Freeway Explorer, (https://www.facebook.com/Freeway-Explorer-326933430676706/) and continued work under Wicked Eye Photography in the South West region of the United States. He continues to do US based, and other international photography work.